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Massage Therapy
  • Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle massage that is highly recommended after mastectomy, SmartLipo, and many other types of surgery.  As the lymphatic system plays a key role in the body's immune system and carries away waste, lymphatic drainage can have a significant impact on recovery and overall health.  Sessions are from 40 to 70 minutes in length and create a relaxing effect on the body.  Best results come with multiple sessions.

  • Scar Tissue Release Therapy is a great way to tackle those bumpy places, which we tend to think of as fat.  With an injury, the tissue often bunches together to speed recovery and prevent further injury.  It can remain that way, causing scar tissue.  STRT works to smooth out the tissue and aid in healing and recovery.  Perfect as a follow up to Lymphatic Drainage after mastectomy, SmartLipo, and the like!  Sessions are generally 50 minutes in length.


  • Deep Tissue Massage
hot stone massage in simpsonville
(also known as fascia release technique) is a favorite with many.  Experience the difference with our therapists, as they begin with the superficial tissues and work their way deeper into the belly of the muscle, allowing for a deep tissue massage experience without the pain and soreness days later.

  • Hot Stone Massage uses trigger point therapy with lava stones to reduce stress and encourage the body's own natural healing abilities.  This service is added to any length massage for an additional fee of only $20.
  • Reflexology is making a comeback, as many are beginning to see the benefits of this amazing therapy.  Using acupressure points on the feet, reflexology can increase circulation, decrease pain, release stored toxins, increase the body's defense systems, and much more.  Great for headaches, back pain, and sciatica.  A reflexology session is usually 30 to 45 minutes, a great alternative to traditional massage, and only $45.
  • Looking for a non- traditional form of therapy?  We also offer Shiatsu, Polarity, Touch For Health, Cranial and Sacral Therapy, among many others.

  • We offer table massage therapy onsite in our office by appointment or additional massage therapy services are also available on call at your place of business, home, or other venue.

For standard massage rates, please see our schedule on our News and Rates page.
wellness massage in greenvilleSpa Treatments
  • Rough, dry skin?  Try a salt glow or sugar scrub.  Our scrubs are custom made with only the finest organic ingredients mixed on the same day as your session for optimal quality with amazing essential oils for overall wellness and detox.  This service is usually added to a massage for an additional charge of only $20.  Short on time- try just a relaxing foot scrub with massage for only $30.  Sparkleberry Bath Essentials Sugar Scrubs are also available separately for purchase.
  • Waterfall Therapy Massage.  A relaxing, cleansing massage with 8 to 10 different oils specific to the individual's needs.  Let us introduce you to the world of essential oils.   The Basic Back session lasts approximately30 minutes and is $50 or get the Full Treatment, which is one hour and includes a full body massage with essential oils applied to acupressure points on the back, neck, wrists, and feet. Only $100. 
  • Back by popular demand, the Fassage.  A facial massage designed to clean, exfoliate, and relax you into bliss.  While your treatment sets enjoy, a full body relaxing massage. $80  lasts approximately 1 hour.
Education and Business Events
  • Our trained staff are available for teaching public awareness classes on health and well being.  We cover a wide variety of topic including fibromyalgia, auto- immune disorders, nutrition, even learn massage with a friend.  Some of our classes are no charge and offer great specials on our services.   Contact me today about classes!


chair massage
  • Seated Chair Massage is perfect to enhance your business wellness program or feature at your next venue.
    • Please let us know if you are an employee of Greenville Hospital System, Greenville County School District, Interim Hospice,  or Greenville County DSN.  Your personal ID badge is your ticket to special rates of up to $30 off an hour.
    • Are you a business owner or healthcare professional?  We offer corporate and wellness package pricing and out call services on site in your venue.  Massage in the workplace has been shown to lower stress, increase productivity and morale, and contribute to a good working environment.  With many businesses and corporations now being mandated to provide a wellness program, we are here to help providing educational programs and on- site massage specifically designed for the working environment.  Sign me up!
    • Please Note:  As time is often a huge factor, please allow at least six weeks notice for fundraisers.  And keep in mind, ECHO Services simply just can not participate in every fundraiser, so we must be choosy.

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        Not sure what treatment is right for you? Our knowledgeable staff can assess your needs and help you choose.  Contact me!